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She Gives: Lilia Escajeda

By July 20, 2022July 21st, 2022No Comments

Amarillo Area Foundation: What is your first memory of giving a philanthropic gift?

Lilia Escajeda: “Hard to recall, but probably the Wesley Community Center.”


AAF: What is your favorite charitable gift you have ever given?

LE:Amarillo Area Foundation

AAF: Who taught you how to give?

LE: “My Mother! She supported her church and helped family members in need though she did not have a lot of money.”


AAF: Who and What inspires you to be involved in what your community is doing?

LE: “I have a passion for helping others.  Amarillo National Bank supports employees serving the community, and I have been blessed to be invited to serve on numerous boards of all types.”


AAF: What advice would you give to someone wanting to be more involved in philanthropy? 

LE: “There is always a need not only for money but also volunteers to serve on boards, committees, and fundraisers.  Follow your passions to become more informed on community needs.”

AAF: What motivates you to give in your community? 

LE: “Because I am so blessed in many ways, I feel compelled to help others, and since I chose to live in Amarillo, I need to support what transpires here.”


AAF: How does philanthropy make our community better? 

LE: “Philanthropy reflects how the community feels about our community and their interests to make Amarillo a better place to live!”


AAF: What are our community’s strengths and weaknesses?

LE: “The strengths are our unique geographical location, diversity (not only of ethnicities but also job opportunities), our weather (clean air), education opportunities, and tourism. Our weaknesses are lack of affordable housing (ownership and rental), educational attainment for some populations, and public transportation)”


AAF: My favorite thing about my community is…


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