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The Don and Sybil Harrington Foundation

The Amarillo Area Foundation and the Don and Sybil B. Harrington Foundation award discretionary grants 4 times each year. Funding is awarded in 4 rounds with each round corresponding to a specific focus area aligning with the foundation’s strategic plan. These focus areas are: Healthcare, Education, Economic Opportunity, and Urgent/Unique Projects. The schedule of application and funding is as follows for 2021. 

We encourage all organizations considering applying to contact our discretionary grants Program Officer prior to submitting applications.  

Round 1—Healthcare (priority given to organizations addressing food insecurity and mental health access) 

11/23/2020: RFA for Healthcare grants sent out
12/18/2020: Letters of Intent due from organizations
01/08/2021: Full proposal due from organizations 
Board decisions to be made in February and March 

Round 2—Education (priority given to organizations addressing literacy, especially a two-generational approach to literacy improvement) 

01/29/2021: RFA for Education grants sent out
02/19/2021: Letters of Intent due from organizations
03/12/2021: Full proposals due from organizations
Board decisions to be made in April and May 

 Round 3—Economic Opportunity (priority given to eliminating barriers to economic success for individuals and communities)

05/28/2021: RFA for Economic Opportunity grants sent out
06/25/2021: Letters of Intent due from organizations
07/09/2021: Full proposals due from organizations
Board decisions to be made in August and September 

 Round 4—Urgent/Unique Projects (priority given to collaborative projects and urgent requests) 

09/17/2021: RFA for Urgent/Unique grants sent out
10/15/2021 : Letters of Intent due from organizations
11/05/2021: Full proposals due from organizations
Board decisions to be made in December 

Information needed for Letter of Intent

  • Organization Name, EIN Number, Contact Information, Board Chair
  • Summary of Purpose (Narrative portion)
  • Operating Budget (or description of lost revenue) and Request Amount
  • Short description of the target population
  • Cover letter from someone authorized to submit a grant proposal

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The Amarillo Area Foundation (including each of its programs and related organizations) does not discriminate – nor limit participation in any of its programs – on the basis of actual or perceived race, color, religion, national origin, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital or parental status, political affiliation, military service, physical or mental ability, or any other improper criteria. All organizations or entities receiving assistance of any kind from Amarillo Area Foundation must also agree to follow these rules regarding any program supported by AAF.

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