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cooperative grant programs

AAF administers multiple¬†cooperative¬†grant programs that were established from either Corporate, Donor Advised or Field of Interest Funds that are part of the component funds of the Amarillo Area Foundation.‚ÄĮ The¬†cooperative¬†grant programs are independent of each other and independent of the Discretionary and Catalyst¬†Grant¬†Programs and their requirements.‚ÄĮ Each¬†cooperative¬†grant program has its own eligibility criteria‚ÄĮdefined in the Request for¬†Applications¬†(RFA) page for that grant program.‚ÄĮ Eligibility requirements for the Foundation‚Äôs Discretionary and Catalyst¬†Grant¬†Programs, such as having an open grant, do not impact the eligibility to apply to a¬†cooperative¬†grant program and vice versa.‚ÄĮ Organizations that apply for¬†a cooperative¬†grant¬†must be eligible to receive grants from AAF.

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