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A community impact initiative

Panhandle Community Partnership is a community impact initiative with more than 26 community partners committed to creating accessible pathways to postsecondary credentials that lead to living-wage employment. Our mission is to make pathways to postsecondary credentials and living wage employment accessible for all individuals through a community collaboration.

How it Works

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When more residents earn a living wage, they spend more dollars in our economy. Our sales tax revenue increases, our economy booms, and new businesses move into the area; that attracts more qualified applicants which leads to an increase in competitive careers. More residents are motivated to seek higher education, and the cycle continues.

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10,000 DEGREES BY 2025

IN 2014, Panhandle Community Partnership set a “10,000 Degree Goal.” We hope to see area residents earn 10,000 more “degrees” and zero excuses by 2025. “Degrees” includes associate, baccalaureate, and graduate degrees as well as certificates and on-the-job training programs which lead to a living wage. Panhandle Community Partnership measures the progress to our 10,000 Degrees Goal based on the number of degrees and certificates obtained at Amarillo College (AC) and West Texas A&M University (WTAMU). A research company in 2013 used historical data to analyze trends in the numbers of degrees obtained each year. From the trending data, they developed expected yearly baselines and expected additions to the baselines which could be obtained if our initiative is effective.

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Kimberly Anderson

Panhandle Community Partnership Program Officer


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