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AAF: How did you learn about AAF’s scholarship program?
Aileen Solis: “I learned about the AAF’s scholarship program through the Student Success Center at Tascosa High School, THS, and through my daughter’s father, as he was a grade older than me and had eventually become the recipient of an AAF scholarship.”

AAF: How did you feel about the application process?
AS: “The application process was thorough and fairly easy to complete in the given amount of time. The most challenging aspect of the application process has always been writing about myself in a way that advocates for myself as a potential scholarship recipient. I stress the most about this aspect and the perfectionist in me takes forever to actually submit it.” 

Aileen with her daughter

AAF: What did it feel like when you got the notification that you were awarded the scholarship?
: “When I was awarded the scholarship, I was overwhelmed with emotion! I felt immense gratitude toward my scholarship donor and those who have helped fund the scholarship through generous donations. I also realized the support and encouragement that came with the honor of being awarded. I was more excited to tackle the school year and make everyone proud, especially my daughter, Adeline.”

AAF: What would have been different if you hadn’t gotten the scholarship from AAF?
AS: “If I had not received the scholarship from AAF, I would have had to pull a significant amount of unsubsidized federal loans for the year, as that is all I have access to as a student in a professional school, (before resorting to private loans). This scholarship has not only granted me funding for my future, but also the opportunity to worry less about finances and focus on my education and Adeline.”

AAF: What are your plans for the future? 
AS: “I am 3 short years away from becoming: Aileen Solis, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM), TAMU CVM 2024, and I cannot wait! I also cannot wait to give back to the AAF and scholarships that have helped fund my success!”

AAF: Anything else you’d like to share?
AS: “I will always strongly encourage students to apply for scholarships, as you never know what may be awarded to you or who you may meet along the way. Another great thing about AAF is that there are scholarships for everyone. I was really surprised and excited when I saw how much educational support there was for people who are a parent. Having a daughter at a young age only grew my motivation, determination, and passion for achieving my goals.”

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