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How Square Mile Community Development is creating economic development in the San Jacinto neighborhood

By April 23, 2019May 4th, 2022No Comments

Square Mile Community Development

This week we introduce you to Brady Clark, the Executive Director of Square Mile Community Development.  His organization is working to create economic development in the San Jacinto neighborhood.  Brady is also part of the St. Anthony’s Legacy and Redevelopment Corp (SALAR). working on the old St. Anthony’s property in northeast Amarillo to revitalize the economy of the historic neighborhood and property.

He has worked in this space for more than a decade by creating programs and plans to help economically disadvantaged areas.  In 2018 the Amarillo Area Foundation, asked Brady to facilitate a program called PATH.  The goal is to create, foster and encourage the entrepreneur spirit in diverse neighborhoods.  The program pairs the entrepreneur with a mentor.  The mentors are successful business professionals that help guide the entrepreneur through a myriad of issues.  Brady helps source the entrepreneur and ensures they are matched with the mentor who will help them the most.

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