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Bridging the Panhandle

By April 25, 2019No Comments

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Given the absence of large bodies of water, bridges might not be something you associate with the Panhandle of Texas. But if you’ll let your mind’s eye wander beyond the tangible, bridges can be recognized across the entire region. Arguably, a bridge is simply a connection.  


Charles Goodnight

From the Pioneering Days Through Today

Since the pioneer days, coming together and bridging gaps has been essential to survival in the harsh and often brutal climate of the Texas Panhandle. Connections with their neighbors brought safety and prosperity. From education, to farming and ranching, to political representation, building bridges advanced the establishment of our region. In 1880, Charles Goodnight, Father of the Texas Panhandle, formed an association called the Panhandle and Southwestern Stockmen’s Association, which is now known as Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association. By forming these connections, the cattle industry thrives in our area to this day.  

After the Texas Panhandle was settled, the next wave of pioneers came along, establishing hospital districts, regional educational centers, and other entities that enhance quality of life. Don and Sybil Harrington were pioneers in building bridges through philanthropy. Because of their legacy, the Amarillo Area Foundation continues to build bridges and form connections to help the people of the Texas Panhandle thrive and prosper. Focusing on health care, education, and economic development, the Foundation strives to improve quality of life for the 400,000 souls across the 26 counties of the Texas Panhandle.  

The bridges Amarillo Area Foundation builds today are constructed with hard work, collaboration, and innovation just as a concrete structure would be. And in the end, these bridges have spanned the gulfs of time and will continue to provide solid connections to help residents of the Texas Panhandle negotiate intricate paths for generations to come.  

In the next few months, look for stories about how the Amarillo Area Foundation builds bridges to enhance quality of life across the Texas Panhandle. Be sure to subscribe to our blog and listen to our podcast for the most recent information from the Amarillo Area Foundation. 



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