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She Gives: Laura Street

By May 23, 2022July 5th, 2022No Comments


Amarillo Area Foundation: Tell us about yourself…

Laura Street: This is a tough question to answer. I am someone who loves to be with people of all ages and backgrounds, especially when we are working together to build something new or make life better for others. I have had a career in nursing, physical therapy, health administration, education, and civic leadership. Travel is a hobby and passion along with reading, golf, continuing education opportunities, and learning. My belief in God and Jesus Christ drives me to always follow where He may lead. I believe that He is continuously guiding me through the people and opportunities that are placed in front of me when the timing is right.


AAF: What is your first memory of giving a philanthropic gift?

LS: Philanthropy, I think, starts early and grows as we grow. My first memory is with the church during junior high school and the youth activities when helping others. As my life has expanded, so has the philanthropy. It is a reflection of giving in personal time, skills, and financial resources. As I see improvement in the lives of others, I am strengthened in giving more.


AAF: What is your favorite charitable gift you have ever given?

LS: Scholarships to aid students who would not usually have the resources to attend college or university are a favorite. A nursing scholarship reflects my passion for the nursing profession. My favorite is a scholarship given for psychiatric nurse practitioners in the name of my brother-in-law who took his own life due to depression. It is something that will live beyond his time and will keep his name alive.


AAF: Who taught you how to give?

LS: My family was not philanthropic so I learned through my friends and community, especially in Amarillo. Working with and besides so many wonderful and generous people has been my greatest teacher in helping others, whether through art, basic human needs, or services.


AAF: Who and what inspires you to be involved in what your community is doing?

LS: Following so many others who have shown the way to help those in need have inspired me to use what I have to continue that support in many ways. I have realized that it takes us all to make the impact we seek but it only takes a few to start the journey and bring others into the vision to improve our community. I am continually inspired by leaders who are able to change our community for the better through their efforts. The path is then opened for someone like me to continue the work.


AAF: What advice would you give to someone wanting to be more involved in philanthropy? 

LS: I think the most important step toward philanthropy is the first one. Many of us need others to show the way, so listening, watching, and striving to understand others allows one to find where the best fit lies for success. From there is the desire to give generously according to your passion.


AAF: What motivates you to give in your community? 

LS: The more I am involved in any area of my community, the more I enjoy and want to work to make our community better. I can actually feel and see the impact we can make as philanthropists, which motivates me to continue the work.


AAF: How does philanthropy make our community better? 

LS: In America, we are blessed with the culture of volunteerism and philanthropy more than any other country. This shows others what can happen when we give, which inspires others to also give. Without this, we would be so very far behind what we can accomplish today. I have witnessed countless instances of a need identified followed by the solution and implementation of that solution through philanthropy.

AAF: What are our community’s strengths and weaknesses?

LS: We have a community of people who really care about who we are and how we care for each other. There are visionaries, planners, and those who can implement that vision. We are responsible and helpful in so many ways. There is pride in where we live and why we enjoy our community that keeps us here. There are great leaders and tireless doers. I think our biggest weakness is not recognizing the impact that lack of infrastructure and support of services has held us back in growth and opportunity. To become the community we are capable of becoming, we must responsibly support that growth and pay attention to what happens when we do not.



AAF: My favorite thing about my community is….

LS: The people, always. We are friendly, inclusive, and respectful to others for the most part.


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