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Here’s an important announcement from Amarillo Area Foundation:


Updated Eligibility Requirements: 

  1. AAF will not accept proposals from the same organization within the same calendar year of a previous proposal. Organizations will be eligible to apply again immediately after final payment of a grant award unless it falls within the same calendar year as the previous proposal (for example: If an organization applies in June of 2021 and is approved, but does not receive payment until January of 2022, that organization would be eligible to apply again in 2022 if applicable to grant focus area.) 2
  2. Proposals that have been previously declined will be considered on a case-by-case basis but will take lower priority than other proposals. 
  3. Proposals will not be accepted from organizations that have not fulfilled the reporting requirements of any previous grants (no change here.) 
  4. Applicants may apply for previously funded programs and projects in accordance with other listed requirements (calendar year and focus areas).