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Amarillo Area Contact: Broc Carter |

Texas, Panhandle – The Amarillo Area Foundation, Texas Cattle Feeders Association, and the Working Ranch Cowboys Foundation are teaming up to help ranchers impacted by the wildfires across the Panhandle region.  Monetary relief can be given to those affected by donating to the Amarillo Area Foundation’s Disaster Relief Fund.

“The ranching community has been hit hard”, said Gary Morton, WRCA Foundation president. “The effects of the fires for most of the families will be felt for years to come, and without a turn in the weather conditions the threat of further wildfires grows with each passing day.  We are grateful to the Amarillo Area Foundation and Texas Cattle Feeders Association for their collaboration with the WRCA Foundation on this relief effort.”

The fires across the Panhandle and High Plains have devastated hundreds of thousands of acres of ranch land, thousands of miles of fence and killed and maimed livestock and worst of all four lives were lost.  Yet after the fires are contained the devastation continues in lost or damaged livelihoods.

Most ranch hands and some owners do not have the insurance to cover loss in equipment and working resources.  The WRCF is helping to meet that need through its Wildfire Relief Fund.  All funds will be distributed through WRCF’s relief distribution procedures and will be extended to ranchers to help them withstand the long-term effects of this disaster.

“The people of this area are no stranger to the devastation Mother Nature can bring, and it is truly encouraging to see our communities come together to take care of their friends and neighbors in this time of great need,” said Jim Lovell, TCFA Chairman.  “Many of our TCFA members have already contributed to this effort, but for any who may not yet have had the opportunity to give, I would like to encourage them to make a contribution to this important fund through the WRCA.”

Donations can be made HERE!

About the WRCA Foundation

The Working Ranch Cowboys Association is headquartered in Amarillo, TX.  The mission of WRCA is to promote ranching and to preserve the lifestyle of the working rancher and the working ranch cowboy.  In 2001, WRCA formed a foundation with the mission of providing financial assistance to ranchers, working ranch cowboys and their families through scholarship funding and crisis assistance.

About the Amarillo Area Foundation

The Amarillo Area Foundation is a community foundation that serves the northernmost 26 counties of the Texas Panhandle.  The mission of the Foundation is to improve the quality of life for Texas Panhandle residents.  Since its inception in 1957, the Foundation has provided grants and a variety of other services to strengthen nonprofit organizations and the services they deliver.