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The Louise Bowers Slentz Advise and Consult Fund is a component fund of the Amarillo Area Foundation (AAF)In addition to annual support of Pampa Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), the Advisory Committee for the Slentz Fund will consider letters of inquiry (LOI) from nonprofit and charitable institutions throughout the twenty-six northernmost counties in the Texas Panhandle (individuals and non-charitable organizations are not eligible).  The goal of the Advisory Committee is to support projects that have a significant impact.  Only LOIs from organizations who fit the eligibility requirements and whose work is in line with the priorities indicated will be accepted. aaf.spectrumportal.net 


Requests Considered:Requests NOT Considered:Priorities:
Program, Capital, and EmergencyGeneral Operating
Focus: Health, Education and Animal WelfareSupport groups for health-related fieldsHealth – need based, direct care, preventative healthcare, and training; regional impact
Pre-schools, K-12 schoolsEducation – post-secondary
Therapies that include animalsAnimal Welfare
LOIs submitted through aaf.spectrumportal.netDirect requests to the Slentz Advisory Committee
Requests from nonprofits in the top 26 counties of the Texas PanhandleOrganizations located outside the top 26 counties of the Texas PanhandleOrganizations located/operating in Donley, Carson, Gray, Hemphill, Roberts, and/or Wheeler counties
Requests up to $50,000


LOIs submitted through the Spectrum Portal (aaf.spectrumportal.net) will include a short (12 pages) summary/cover letter and a complete project budget (including income and expenses).  Please address sustainability of the project.  LOIs will be considered twice a year in April and September with funding decision made in June and December, respectively If selected for further consideration, additional information will be required.  

You are strongly encouraged to contact AAF staff in advance of developing an LOI by e-mailing grants@aaf-hf.org or by calling 806.376.4521 to speak to someone from the Grants Department. Please let us know if you need assistance with the Spectrum Portal registration or application, as well. 

2021 Application Deadlines: April 2, 2021, 12 Noon and September 24, 2021, 12 Noon through aaf.spectrumportal.net 

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