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Disaster ReliefPanhandle Disaster Relief Fund

Disaster Relief Continues in Our Region

Dear Neighbors:

For the past several weeks, our region has faced unprecedented challenges related to flooding and tornados.  Historic rainfall levels in Hereford forced many out of their homes and significantly impacted the local economy.  Flooding in Amarillo caused many businesses to temporarily close, many homes and apartments were flooded, and residents were displaced.  In any given year, these challenges would be difficult to address all by themselves.


Unfortunately, on the heels of these disasters, our neighbors in Perryton suffered terribly as the result of a direct hit from a tornado.  Homes and businesses were destroyed, and three residents lost their lives to this destructive storm.  As the community recovers, our thoughts and prayers are with those impacted.

The Panhandle Disaster Relief Fund (PDRF) is designed to address situations just like this.  Because of generous contributions from Panhandle residents, we were able to quickly send money to organizations supporting relief efforts in each community.  This is important for local residents to have this immediate help.  However, we also routinely hear that communities need help the most weeks and months down the road as relief efforts slow and resources are pulled to other areas.  The PDRF is able to meet both immediate and long-term needs by working with each community in the hours, weeks, and months after a disaster.  Being there for our neighbors anytime they need us is a vital part of what we do.


The occurrence of these disasters so close together challenges our region to step up and help like never before.  Funds donated to the PDRF can be designated to aid a specific community or can be used to support the region as a whole.  Through our generous donors, we have already raised almost $250,000 to help with disaster relief.  Your assistance is needed to continue supporting those in need in each of our communities.


I encourage you to support our efforts by visiting our website at

In addition, if you would like to support relief for Matador tornado victims, we can send those funds to our partners at the Community Foundation for West Texas.


Thank you for all you do to support our region in this critical time.



Clay Stribling

President & CEO