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Preparing Scholarship Applications

By November 5, 2018No Comments

Now that the scholarship application is open, what can you do? Because you can’t get your 7-semester transcript until after this semester, you won’t be able to submit your application now. That being said, you need to start working on the other parts of the application now. Below are the things you can work on now while waiting for the transcripts.

  1.  Birth certificate or Legal Permanent Resident card/document
  2. ACT/SAT scores if you are not planning on retaking the test(s) again
  3. 2017 IRS tax form 1040 for both parents and the student (if you have one). You can submit your SAR (student aid report) IF  you did not import your information on your FAFSA.
  4. Student’s resume – make sure it is current

Letters of Recommendation – Each student should be asking individuals that know them to write a recommendation letter now so that they have plenty of time to write a well-informed letter about the student. You will need two letters – one from a high school teacher that taught you and one from a pastor, employer, coach, mentor, etc.

Essay   This document will tell the selection committee who you are, what your plans are to further your education after high school, what you’ve accomplished or been involved in while in high school, what you intend to do in your future and how you intend to accomplish that.


•    Proof of U.S. Citizenship (photocopy of U.S. birth certificate) or legal permanent residency status
•    Transcripts
º    High school students must submit an official 7-semester transcript (includes fall semester grades) and dual credit transcript if applicable
º    College students must submit an official transcript of their most recently completed college courses
•    ACT and/or SAT scores (if scores appear on the back of your high school transcript, no additional documents are necessary)
•    Previous year’s IRS tax form 1040 for the household
– In place of the IRS Form 1040 you may upload a copy of your Electronic Student Aid Report (SAR) as long as you have NOT imported your financial information directly from the IRS. Please note your parent’s adjusted gross income (line 85) and your adjusted gross income (line 36) must show the dollar amount for verification.
•    Two (2) letters of recommendation – one letter should be from a teacher you had in high school, and the second letter should be from a pastor, employer, coach, mentor, etc.  Letters written by family members are not permitted.

Most importantly, begin working on this now. You will avoid the rush of the February deadline. Students who plan, execute and submit great applications give a positive outlook to the selection committee.

Here’s where you can get started: CLICK HERE to begin your scholarship application