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Celebrating 60 years

By March 27, 2017No Comments

We’ve hit quite a milestone this year – we turned 60!  We have been at work for six decades to improve quality of life in the Texas Panhandle.  This work is not accomplished without the incredible donors who provide the seeds, the board of directors who steward those seeds, the staff who nurture those seeds, and the hundreds of nonprofits who cultivate those seeds in our communities.

In the beginning, we were established to form strategies to address the healthcare needs of our area.  This work continues with the reacquisition of the Harrington Regional Medical Campus.  The development of the medical center greatly transformed healthcare in our area.  That was the intended goal and the advancements continue as the landscape of healthcare changes.

During the past 60 years, the early healthcare focus blossomed into what we are today and the philanthropic impact we make each year.  Through impactful grants, convening the community, and creating strategic partners, we are working to improve the breadth of the philanthropic investments and climate in the Panhandle.

Follow along this year as we celebrate the various milestones of those 60 years through our social media channels, blog posts, and quarterly newsletter.  Share your stories with Broc Carter via email (

Most importantly, find a charitable organization that you think is doing great work, and make a donation to them.  This seemingly small act has a huge impact!   You can even donate right here:


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